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Change name. With a player called 'Flash', various file types called 'Flash' and a graphic content design and development tool called 'Flash', this name is too misleadfing for words.

BenAsp , 15.11.2012, 12:38
Idea status: under consideration


Lurdes Costa, 15.11.2012, 15:50
Excellent, thanks.
Robert, 16.11.2012, 07:08
I have to disagree, I knew exactly what this was the minute I read the name. If you google or Wiki "Flash Drive," you'll see it is exactly appropriate for what the software does. Now if they had called it Flash Media Recovery or Flash File Recovery, I could understand the confusion. Also, I notice 26 votes and yet not one suggestion for a better name. I will posit that the target audience (people that will actually pay for this product) is unlikely to confuse Flash Drive with Flash Player, etc.

Update: As I was re-reading my comment before submitting, my completely computer illiterate wife just got home while I was typing this. I had to ask her what she thought this software would do. (Note that there is NO information on the page regarding what it does, just the suggestion. She thought I was picking on her. She lightly smacked me and said, "Well duh, you would use it to recovery stuff on your thumb thingy, uhm drive."

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